Times have changed, and so have we!

Say hello to Breathe Ltd.

Well done to those eagle eyed readers who’ve spotted that we’ve dropped ‘Research’ from our name.

We still do research.  But we also do so much more.  And we wanted our name to reflect that.

Our view, and our clients’ view, is that research and insight is only as valuable as the use you can make of it.  Unless it’s alive and kicking through the business, it can’t inspire action.  And we really like action.

Our 3 step approach at Breathe is to generate brilliant insight AND ensure that those truths are embedded in such a way that they galvanise change.  So research is the start point of what we do but not the end point.  And we thought our name had better reflect that.

If you’re interested in hearing more about our 3 step process and how it can inspire change in your business, please get in touch. We’d love to chat.

Call Emma Underwood or April Blanchard on 020 8668 9377 or email info@breathe.uk.com